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Breakerblocks setup guide

2. Add a stylesheet in your Breakdance Global settings
3. Paste the copied code from our theme generator into the stylesheet.
4. Set up the Breakdance global colors as follows:
Brand: var(--primary)
Text: var(--bg-dark3)
Headings: var(--bg-dark1)
Links: var(--primary-hover)
Background: var(--bg)
(For the links you can also replace primary with secondary or accent based on your liking. You can also remove "-hover" if you don't want a darker tint for the links.)
Screenshot 2023 11 08 At 08.35.01
(Optional) 5. Adjust some of the colors or spacing variables to your liking.
Copy the Breakerblocks color UI kit from the button below to display and reflect changes made to the Breakerblocks stylesheet.
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