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Putting your global styling 1ST

When adding new Breakerblocks to the collection, my main priority will always be to apply as much global styling as possible.
That's how you know that when you copy a 'Breakerblock', it will instantly fit your site without manual edits.

In fact, the same Breakerblock will look completely different based on the site it is pasted on.

Expanding global colors beyond Breakdance's capabilities

The ability to set global colors in breakdance is awesome!

However, apart from a few main colors, adding your own custom color palette will not be compatible between sites.

The only built-in solution to share elements that have other colors than the global options for the brand/header/etc. would be to style each element with colors directly.

... And we all know that we don't want that!

So what's the solution?

I have made a small design system using CSS variables. All Breakerblocks components will be styles using these. So once you have imported these onto your site and adjusted them to your liking, all Breakerblocks will automatically match your style without the need of a fingertouch.

The setup ONLY takes two minutes!
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